Merlin Chain's native launchpad platform is dedicated to unlocking native assets on the Merlin Chain across various protocols, with the goal of expediting asset circulation and ensuring a seamless flow on the Merlin Chain.

IDO Launchpad

The IDO Launchpad by Merlin Chain is a robust platform dedicated to securing early-stage funding for promising projects. More than just a funding platform, it serves as a strategic launchpad, guiding projects through the critical initial stages of development. With a focus on fostering innovation, the IDO Launchpad aims to pinpoint targeted traffic sources. This ensures that promising projects receive not only the necessary financial support but also gain visibility and traction within their specific audience.

Bitcoin Layer 2 Accelerator

The Bitcoin Layer 2 Accelerator, a flagship initiative by Merlin Chain, provides comprehensive support for projects within the Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem. This multifaceted accelerator program goes beyond financial backing. It offers technical assistance, traffic generation strategies, marketing expertise, human resources support, and advisory services on tokenomics.By addressing various facets crucial for project success, the Bitcoin Layer 2 Accelerator aims to catalyze the growth and development of projects within the Bitcoin Layer 2 space, contributing to the overall advancement of the broader crypto ecosystem.

AMP Protocol (Coming Soon)

The AMP Protocol, short for Automated Pricing Protocol, is an innovative IDO Pricing Protocol initiated by Merlin Starter. Tailored for a fairer project launch, AMP Protocol introduces a cutting-edge approach to Initial DEX Offerings (IDO). This protocol, developed with meticulous attention to fairness and transparency, redefines the pricing dynamics of project launches. By leveraging the AMP Protocol, Merlin Starter aims to establish a new standard in the industry. It promotes equitable opportunities for project contributors and fosters a launch environment characterized by trust, efficiency, and inclusivity.

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