Some actions may be subject to adjustments based on the actual circumstances, either being advanced, delayed, or undergoing other modifications

Phase1:2024 Q1

  • Build Merlin Starter V1.0 Product

  • Introduce a reward points system to attract mainstream attention on Merlin Chain

  • Collaborate with Merlin Chain's official team to build a partner ecosystem and launch our accelerator program

Phase2: 2024 Q2

  • Complete the listing of Merlin Starter token

  • Introduce the AMP Protocol based on Bonding Curve

  • Build Merlin Starter V2.0 Product witth IDO issurance function

  • List BRC420, Atomicals, and other asset protocols

Phase 3:2024 Q3 and Further

  • Build a cross-chain Re-staking system based on Merlin and iterate on a fair launch mechanism using Re-staking.

  • Launch other BTC and ETH Layer2 IDO

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