The AirDrop module in Merlin Starter serves as a platform for users to receive incentives for free. Additionally, Merlin Starter takes the initiative to distribute platform points, known as Star Points, through the AirDrop module.

In the future, there will be support for more projects to conduct airdrops using this module.

Part1: Star Points for Merlin Stakers

As the native Launchpad platform on Merlin Chain, Merlin Starter aims to reward users for their contributions through staking.

All users participating in staking on Merlin Chain are entitled to claim Stars. We classify users into different levels based on their staking amounts. Users who stake more assets on Merlin Chain will receive a higher amount of Stars as an incentive.

Part2: Daily Tasks for Stars

To encourage active participation and core contributors who bring traffic to Merlin Starter, we have introduced various daily tasks. Users earn Stars as incentives whenever they engage with us on social media platforms, such as retweeting, liking, and commenting on Merlin Starter's latest tweets.

Additionally, users receive Stars as rewards for daily tweeting related to Merlin Starter. Inviting other users to participate in Merlin Starter's Double Points Staking event also earns Stars incentives. We aim to incentivize positive actions that contribute to bringing traffic and funds to the Merlin ecosystem.

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