The Launchpad is the core module of Merlin Starter and constitutes a primary component of asset issuance. Merlin Starter supports multiple launch methods. A single project can employ a combination of methods such as oversubscription lottery, weighted allocation, first-come, first-served, airdrops, etc., for its launch.

When a project undergoes the Launchpad process, the completed workflow consists of two main components: Public Launchpad and Private Launchpad. These two segments can also be carried out independently.

Public Launchpad

The Public Launchpad primarily adopts an oversubscription approach, which includes weighted distribution based on user fundraising ratios or random lottery allocations. In instances of heightened project popularity, the total funds raised often surpass the targeted fundraising amount significantly.

The excess funds are refunded after the fundraising concludes. As we conduct Launchpad activities on Merlin Chain, fundraising and refunds are predominantly facilitated through smart contracts. These contracts have undergone audits by reputable auditing firms, alleviating concerns about centralized risks and ensuring the security of funds. Due to the oversubscription rules, users who contribute more funds receive increased weighting, thereby obtaining greater eligibility to purchase tokens

Private Launchpad

The Private Launchpad is primarily implemented through a whitelist mechanism, and MerlinStarter has categorized the whitelist into two types: Alpha Whitelist and Beta Whitelist. The Alpha Whitelist ensures exclusivity, allowing each user with Alpha Whitelist status to subscribe to project tokens up to a fixed limit within the specified timeframe. On the other hand, the Beta Whitelist operates on a first-come, first-served basis. The number of Beta Whitelist allocations exceeds the available token purchase quotas, and users who confirm transactions first on the chain complete token purchases, with others unable to finalize transactions receiving refunds.

Whitelists are project-specific, and the Alpha and Beta Whitelists for different projects are not interchangeable. Generally, a whitelist is only effective within a single project. Various channels exist for obtaining whitelist status, including participating in platform activities, engaging in project-specific events, and receiving distributions through social media channels. Users can acquire whitelists through multiple channels and confirm their whitelist status on Merlin Starter.

Diverse Asset Protocols

Merlin Starter supports asset protocols in issuance and staking, encompassing BRC20, BRC420, ERC20, ERC404, Bitmap, Atomicals, and cross-chain asset protocols. In the future, Merlin Starter will extend its support to include the issuance of more protocols

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